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Dear Valued Customers,

It is very important to us to let you know that we are taking proactive measures to keep both our employees and guests safe. Rest assured that we are following guidelines from the CDC,WHO and public health department officials.

Our restaurant has increased its cleaning and sanitizing procedures to help prevent the spread of all germs and maintain a healthy environment for our guests and team members. We’ve instructed anyone who is feeling sick to stay home and monitor their symptoms. All team members have been educated on recommended actions to take if someone at Pizza Factory is
affected by the virus.

As more information continues to become available, we may implement additional pre-cautionary measures to protect customer and employee well-being. We will continue to communicate any changes within our restaurant.

Thank you for your understanding as we respond to this dynamic situation while keeping our focus on the health of our guests and team members.

Your local Pizza Factory


We’re all going through interesting times to say the least and it can be very unsettling. Let’s please remember to be patient and kind to ourselves and our neighbors as we navigate this historical event.

We are all in this together so let’s take this opportunity to demonstrate understanding and empathy for our community. And know that at some point, we will be back dining and laughing with friends and our playgrounds will once again be filled with happy, jumping, swinging, bouncing children.

Please know that our Pizza Factory teams, in every community, are doing their best to help those in need and we’re making it as easy as possible for folks to get what they want. Good news is, there’s plenty of food to go around so you can still enjoy Pizza Factory from the comfort and safety of your own home. So, if you’ve had all the bologna sandwiches you can eat and you’re craving a great pizza, many of our restaurants are offering delivery, curbside pickup and other options to get you what you need. Download the Pizza Factory Rewards app or call the Pizza Factory in your community for details.

It may be in a few weeks, it may be a few months. Just know that at some point, things will get back to normal.

Until then, we’ll keep the good food coming and let’s all, keep a good thought.


No Bully Zone

February 6, 2019

The 2018 Pizza Power Report: A State-of-the-Industry Analysis
To stay competitive in the pizza business in 2019, independents will have to meet customers’ growing demand for speed, customization, delivery and convenience.


October 23, 2018

October holds a special place for Pizza Factory, as it is a whole month dedicated to a cause that the pizza franchise holds dear to its heart: awareness of bullying. The annual National Bullying Prevention Month program is designed to stomp out bullying, goals that Pizza Factory franchisees are dedicated to year-round.

One of the many activities planned in October includes encouraging kids at school to make friends with someone they don’t know. Indeed, Pizza Factory’s special No Bully Zone benches are designed to encourage just that: new friendships. Pizza Factory reaches out to the schools in which the pizza franchise is located as part of its “No Bully Zone” program.

Schools host assemblies where the CEO of Pizza Factory, Mary Jane Riva, shares the importance of weeding out bullying and distributes special friendship bands to children. Each school also receives a “Friends Are Awesome,” No Bully Zone bench for installation in school playgrounds. The benches are meant for children to seek out when they’re in need of quiet time or a new friend. By promoting new friendships, Pizza Factory hopes it will help stomp out bullying, a scourge that has lasting negative consequences, including school dropout, for kids.

Pizza Factory’s commitment to prevent bullying is just one example of its marketing outreach through which franchisees build goodwill and give to the community. The No Bully Zone program is an integral part of Pizza Factory’s marketing strategy in which franchisees can become involved with their local school systems, helping to foster new friendships with their anti-bullying initiatives that include t-shirts, videos and of course, the benches.

In fact, Mary Jane Riva recently spoke on a podcast with Smart Pizza Marketing to discuss how giving to the community has postively impacted both Pizza Factory and the communities it serves while creating a professionally and personally rewarding way of doing business.

Mouthwatering food and authentic community building win the pizza franchise high marks and the continued loyalty of customers for franchisees. Both sales within the franchise and the children in the communities it serves benefit greatly from Pizza Factory’s No Bully Zone program and marketing strategy.

In its more than 110 locations across the West, Pizza Factory delivers outstanding food and service to the communities in which it is located and stands by its “We Toss’Em, They’re Awesome!” motto in crafting mouth-watering pizzas. The “awesome” in Pizza Factory extends beyond the food and to extensive community outreach as well.


Jane Riva CEO

December 14, 2018

Many franchise development executives and regional developers give preference to high population density areas when it comes to franchise expansion, according to Pizza Factory CEO Mary Jane Riva, who recently shared her expertise on why small markets can hold the key to success for large brands.

In her article for Global Franchise Magazine, Riva explained to readers that with nearly one out of every five Americans growing up within a rural community, smaller markets – bordering on 10,000 residents or less – are an underserved population that could be the perfect next step for a brand’s growth strategy.

Riva listed advantageous real estate as one of the reasons that large brands should think small, reminding readers that in many smaller markets, there may be opportunities for locations near schools and colleges that can open the door for a number of grassroots marketing opportunities, such as fundraising events for youth activities.

Not only do smaller markets provide better locations, but they also offer the opportunity for franchise partners to have more of an impact on the community. Each Pizza Factory franchisee plays an important role in his or her own neighborhood as a community leader. From sponsoring sports leagues and school nights to donating pizzas and fundraising events, Pizza Factory franchisees are truly awesome – donating a helping hand to those who need it.

Riva noted in her article more advantages of thinking small, and suggests that as you consider starting a franchise business, bear in mind that small towns often work as well as larger markets.


November 14, 2018

Risky, bold and purposeful are three words that describe the most successful brands today –at least according to Pizza Factory CEO Mary Jane Riva, who recently shared her expertise on why taking a stand and being bold can strengthen a company.

In her feature for the October issue of Franchising USA, Riva reminded readers that brands have the opportunity to use their influence to stand for something, and aligning your actions with a cause that’s reflective of your company values will further support your brand mission. She focused on supporting a cause, engaging with community and making a difference as effective ways to use that power.

Additionally, taking a stand on societal issues (when appropriate) can be a great opportunity to interact with your fans and potential customers. In fact, nowadays, people want brands to speak out – a 2018 study by Cone/Porter Novelli found that 71% of Americans expect companies to connect with them emotionally on issues that matter to them personally.

Riva referred to Pizza Factory’s family-friendly restaurants and its “No Bully Zone” program, which aims to put an end to bullying. The restaurants have signage, napkins and other messaging about the No Bully Zone, which prompts a lot of questions from guests. Riva stressed that this is a great way to open up a conversation about the issue.

Pizza Factory’s most recent initiative has involved donating “Friends are Awesome” benches as a way to extend the anti-bullying message into schools. The brand visits elementary schools across the country to present them with a symbolic bench and to discuss the importance of friendship and inclusion when kids are at an impressionable age.

Pizza Factory’s anti-bullying program and commitment to encouraging its employees and guests to treat others with respect wins it high marks in local communities and media coverage. It is important, Riva noted in her article, to consider the effect that a brand’s actions can have on the world. Being bold and voicing your opinion on important matters can be an effective way to strengthen your business (brand) and open the door for a deeper, emotional connection with your customers.